No more surprises in the operations of your wind farm!

We reliably predict your asset behaviour so you can achieve BEST-IN-CLASS performance.

 Achieve asset excellence with risk-based operations 

You want:

  • No more unexpected technical surprises?
  • Fully understand the operational condition of your wind turbines?
  • Get reliable statements about the failure behaviour?
  • Conduct systematic risk management?
  • Improve the operations with cutting edge AI&ML tools?
  • Be independent of turbine manufacturers and service companies?

The solution:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Anomaly detection
  • Failure Trending

PREDIXXION  - The Asset Performance Engine

The PREDIXXION approach

Key Benefits

Predict asset failures and avoid surprises

Prioritize repairs and replacements

Extend useful lifetime of the assets

Improve asset strategy and processes

Optimize asset health by understanding equipment needs

Your outcomes by working with us

Digital connection of maintenance data

We systematically collect all relevant maintenance data in digital form and process them for evaluation.

Real-time analysis of the technical condition

At any time you are able to obtain a reliable and systematic evaluation of the operationg condition.

Systematic prediction of failure behaviour

By using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive algorithms individually adapted to your problem, you have a reliable view of performance.

Continiuous improvement of the prediction quality

Through state-of-art Machine Learning (ML) methods, you are able to constantly improve the quality of the predictions and thus the asset performance.

Individual risk management measures

Enable reliable operation at all time, but if special measure should ever be necessary, these can be planned reliably and in good time.

Your way to PREDIXXION

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Step 2: Analytical talk

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Step 3: Implementation plan

You will receive a solution for BEST-IN-CLASS operations tailored to your situation.

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